The APA can provide significant fundraising opportunities for schools, humane agencies and groups.


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Updated: August, 28, 2011


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Planned Pet Communities

demoSometimes you just need a plan! The APA can help your community be a better pet community, for the pet, the pet own and those who do not own pets!

Updated: August, 28, 2011


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The APA is making dramatic changes to fund raising. For 19 years we have structured ourselves as a stand alone organization, no government assistance and no corporate sponsors. It is a difficult task, but we can remain unbiased and address issues uninfluenced.

This experience allows us to offer schools not just traditional fundraising, good for groups, clubs and sporting groups, but powerful enough to help rectify budget deficits.

500 participating students can realistically generate $14,800.00 in 15-30 days!
(The average participating student sells 3.7 memberships*)

Special benefits for Schools!

The APA has worked with Humane Agencies since 1991 to promote responsible pet ownership and support the Humane Agency and the adoption process. We are now bringing that experience to our nation's schools.

The goal of the APA School Plan is two fold:

  • To raise significant funds for school needs

  • To promote responsible pet ownership

While we understand that most companies that work with schools can only afford to donate pennies on the dollar, or are selling the same old overpriced stuff that people just don't want anymore. The APA is different.  We have grown as an organization structuring ourselves to donate most or all of our net proceeds to the programs for humane agencies. It is an easy transition for us, and a significant step up for scholastic fund raising.

The Plan utilizes the American Pet Association's Guardian Membership as its fundraising tool. This membership has been available exclusively through Humane Agencies, or directly from the APA, for 19 years. The Guardian is the most effective lost and stolen pet recovery program in the nation and also offers great member benefits as well.

By offering parents and supporters a new, different and more valuable product/service, they get more excited about your fundraising efforts. Plus, adding the promotion of responsible pet ownership is a bonus that benefits everyone.

There are never any costs for the school.
The APA works on a trust and respect basis and offers
professional and enjoyable interactions with everyone we work with.

Delivering Supplies separated into classroom boxes

How The Program Works

There are 2 options for this program, Guardian & Guardian VIP.

Active Fundraising

The Active Fundraising Plan is designed for 15, 30, 60 or 90 day fundraisers.  This can be utilized by the entire school or any department or sports team.

  • Plan goals are set out and the School Plan Web Page is set up.

  • The APA supplies, (Guardian Memberships, Program Flyer, Enrollment cards, Log sheets) are supplied to the school in the quantities required at no charge.

  •  $8.00 from each enrollment is donated to the school.
  • New member enrollments must be faxed, mailed or entered on the internet weekly.

  • Online success tracking is updated daily.

Funding Cost Options:

We understand every local economy is different so we allow you to choose the membership and cost to suit your economy.

We recommended selling the Guardian VIP in order to maximize your fundraising success, however if you feel the local economy will not support the $19.95 cost, you should choose the Guardian membership.

Plan Membership Cost Donation
Guardian $9.95 $6.00
Guardian VIP $19.95 $12.00

The key to a successful APA Fundraiser is communication.

  1. A short briefing to teachers is required

  2. The ability for us to speak at an assembly of the children is recommended

Program Process:

Supplies are separated into student packs and classroom packs.

Each child is given a number of Guardian Memberships (or Membership Brochures) to take home with enrollment cards explaining the program. Memberships may be purchased for the family pet, or as gifts for other pet owners. Persons with no pets, can purchase a membership and we will donate two to a local humane agency.

Booths can be set up at all school events.

Supervised children can go door to door.

Local businesses can display Enrollment Cards.

Other creative ideas as developed by the APA or the school.

Sample website here

Costs and Donations

The APA is one of the most ethical organizations in the nation.  There are no tricks, surprises or fine print.

  • The cost of the Guardian VIP One Year Membership is $19.95 and $9.95 for additional pets.
    The cost of the Guardian One Year Membership is $9.95 and $9.95 for additional pets.

  • $12.00 of each VIP membership sold is donated to the school.
    $6.00 of each standard membership sold is donated to the school.

  • $4.00 of each additional pet sold is donated to the school.

  • There are no upfront costs.

  • Depending on the size of your school, The APA pays for prizes up to $300 to the top producing student, $150 for 2nd place and $75 for third place. Plus a drawing for an additional $300 prize. No cost to the school! See for more details.

  • There is no charge for reasonable loss of supplies by students.

To enroll your school, or if you have any questions, please call us at

800-272-7387 x 27
or email
(remove **)

This program is offered below our costs with no intention of profits being made by the APA.

recent winner of the top producer prize.

Robbie, all on his own, sold 20.5 Memberships in 15 days!!!
He won a $300 Gift Certificate to the Key West Toy Factory.


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* As of 9/1/11 subject to change as program progresses



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